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Wow Dressage Saddle

WOW of the Month

Virtually brand new Wow dressage saddle for sale – only used about 15 times.
Beautiful nutmeg brown colour – Designer On Fire – with stitching on flaps. B
lack facings and patent black infil above the cantle …

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Going Wow

More information on the benefits of Wow saddles and why so many people are going 'Wow!'

Going Wow

More information on the benefits of Wow saddles and why so many people are going 'Wow!'

Secondhand Saddles

Selected high, quality secondhand saddles which have all been checked and cleaned


How to get the best from your saddle and keep it in optimum condition

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Farrington International VSD saddle

Farrington International VSD saddleFarrington International VSD saddle

Black 17.5″ MW fitting
Great condition
A super all-rounder saddle, leant more towards flatwork than jumping

GFS Elite GP saddle

GFS Elite GP saddle

GFS Elite GP saddle

Black 18.5″ MW fitting
Hardly used – great all-rounder and very comfortable

How to Change Point Straps

Point Straps

One of the great features of the Wow saddle is the ability to change point straps.
It takes just a few minutes to do and this short video shows you how.

A saddle for painful hips?

Wow Deep Seat

Many saddles are too wide through the twist if you have a problem in your hips – especially if you have a wide horse. The design of the WOW saddle allows the riders thighs to …

The Wow Classique

The Classique range of saddles offers your horse the chance to enjoy many of the benefits of a WOW Saddle, yet with traditional wool flocking and at a fraction of the cost. Available in Dressage …

Looking After Your Saddle

Leather Cream

If you own a leather saddle, taking good care of it will increase its useful life and help it retain value. Leather is an organic material and, as such, is prone to the vagaries of …

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Louise Howson Saddle Fitting

I have been fitting high quality saddles in the South East of England for over 20 years.
I have come across a myriad of different breeds, shapes and sizes of horses; some easier to fit than …